Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atana a healthcare provider?

No. Atana is a price comparison engine that analyzes claims and billing data to show you accurate estimates for how much your care will cost. Users can search for conditions and procedures to compare the cost and quality of online and nearby options. Atana should not be thought of as a replacement for your healthcare or insurance provider.

What can I use Atana for?

Atana currently supports popular general procedures such as allergy testing, imaging, and urgent care. We are available in Maryland, New York, and New Hampshire with plans to launch in the rest of the United States by the end of 2019. To request the addition of a service or zip code, please email us at [email protected] and join the mailing list to stay updated.

How much does Atana cost?

Atana is completely free for patients.

How does Atana make money?

Healthcare providers and health plans who partner with Atana pay a subscription fee for Atana’s solutions. We help our partners by increasing their operational efficiency and powering price transparency initiatives.

What does Atana do with my information?

Atana keeps all your information encrypted and we do not keep any data unless you create an account. If you create an account, Atana will keep data on the conditions and procedures you saved to your cart.

How does Atana work?

Atana continuously searches, extracts, and compiles pricing data from public and private sources such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, hospitals, insurance companies, and city and state governments. This data is then analyzed by artificial intelligence to find patterns and produce estimates of price ranges for each procedure, as well as what procedures a condition might require. The data is then formatted and sent to the list of results you see when you complete a search on our website.

When should I use Atana?

Always check Atana before you go to the doctor! Even when your provider is in network, small procedures may have hidden fees that you aren’t aware of. Our website is mobile-friendly, so you can make sure you know what you’re getting into even if it’s in the waiting room.

Are my results accurate?

We process millions of data points and use rigorous statistical techniques to ensure the highest possible accuracy in your results, but there may still be some discrepancies in what we show and what you end up paying. It always helps to have more data, and we are constantly working to improve our results. If you would like to help us improve transparency in healthcare, you may do so by sending us the price that we listed and the price you paid along with proof. Please email us at [email protected] to receive more details.

How do I know which option to pick?

We simply display the choices available to you based on cost and proximity. Every patient’s situation is different, and you should evaluate all available factors before picking a provider to visit. There are also online options available for some services such as laboratory tests, which may be beneficial for you if transportation is limited. Please keep in mind that if you have already received instructions from a doctor to see a specific clinic, you should check with them to see if the alternatives we list are okay.

How can I contact the listed care provider?

Your screen should display the provider’s name, location, and contact information. If the information isn’t available, try clicking on their pin in the map. This will open the provider’s Google profile which contains their contact information, if the provider has posted it.